Lincoln High School - San Diego, California - Classes of 1955 to 1959

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July 2024

TO MY FELLOW GRADS: Well summer is in full swing although I don’t remember the temps being this high this early. Gosh, is it possible that global warming that we humans have caused is the problem? Sadly, it seems to me, we all need to work together to solve the problems instead of having it politicized and elected officials arguing about whether it’s real or not. The news media reported recently on the monstrous weather conditions going on just that day in a variety of places around the globe that were caused by a planet that is heating up and causing death and damage just about everywhere. To me, arguing about it doesn’t cut it. What we need is action—please think about it. Let me remind you again about our monthly get-together of the “regulars” on the second Wednesday of this month--July 10th. We meet at the Starbucks at the corner of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and Dianne Ave., and we go from 10 a.m. to about noon. About 12 to 20 of us, depending on the month, show up to renew friendships that go back 70 years or more. It’s not a clique—you’re all welcome! Lately we’ve been calling ourselves “The Survivors.”

BUZZING FROM YOUR CLASSMATES: The good news is that I have no deaths to report. I just hope that you are all staying cool, using your ACs and fans and staying well hydrated…..I grew up in the Chollas View section of SD, about two blocks west of Holy Cross Cemetery. Our house faced south on the 43-hundred block of C St. Our backyard had a fence the length of our lot and behind that was another yard where Maryinez Lyons (’57) lived. Sadly, as a sign of the times, we were not “friends” per se. We knew each other, but that’s about all. Now, however, I’m in touch with my old neighbor because of this newsletter and email and it’s really fun! She lives in Merida, a town on the Yucatan, and still attends Spanish classes weekly. I had to laugh because one of her notes to me started out by addressing me as “peewee,” a nickname only someone in my neighborhood would know. She reports that she’s in good health and goes to an “elderly persons” gym twice a week. She had spent 22 years working in East Africa but is now retired and living in a 175-year-old house with her “best pal,” a Jack Russell terrier named Diego. Her brother, Michael, died in January and her sister, Susan, lives part-time in Fallbrook and part on Orcas Island. Maryinez has no plan to visit the U.S…..Who remembers the Kahn family—Patty (’56), Nelson (’58) and Nancy? I heard from Patty asking to receive this newsletter. She didn’t talk much about herself, but mentioned that Nelson is retired and has been married to Cecilia for 60 years. They have two offspring, Jim and Michelle. They split their time between their homes in Indio, CA, and Oxnard. Sister Nancy died from cancer in ’82, leaving behind a husband and three small children…..Got a surprise note from Gail (Constantino) Vaughan (’59) who asked to whom she should send info for this newsletter. She admitted that she is electronically challenged. (You belong to a very large club, Gail!) I responded that she should send stuff to me at the email I give below. I hope she sends more info about herself and family—and that goes for bro Jimmy as well!.....Actually, that really goes for everyone: please send me info about yourselves and where you are and how it’s going. Believe it or not, your classmates really want to know!.....Now a Favor: If anyone has an annual for 1958 laying around that they don’t want or need, I would love to have one. I will gladly pay the postage to send it to me and will give you my street address. Thanks!!


EDITOR: Pat Stalnaker (’57): Please send stuff to me for publication. Keep in mind that if you’re sending information for the newsletter, send it to me and not Darrel Lawrence who sends the newsletter out. Don’t forget to include your graduation year and your maiden name if you’re female. Thanks for the help!!